The Fake Story II. Maegan Chen. The Woman Who Made Up Story About Her “Celebrity” Baby.

When porn actress Maegan Chen found out earlier this year that she was pregnant with her baby with her son’s father, she decided to pin her daughter to the celebrity son. But it didn’t work. So, meet Autumn Chen (or whatever).

Maegan Chen’s daughter Autumn & Maegan Chen’s son Ethan. Same eyes, same ears, same noses. Same faces. Same father. No doubt here

Maegan Chen’s Bio Facts :

Maegan Chen was born Megan McCormic. She has also gone by the names of Meagan Anglin, Miranda Kelly (porn name) and Tiffany Marcella@VEGASTIFFANY (escort). She is using Maegan Chen to avoid a story from 2008 of a woman in florida that faked a missing child report that was state wide. She has been arrested after pretending to have given birth to a baby and then reporting it missing, forcing authorities to work through the Christmas holiday to find a non-existent child. Chen went through great lengths to make her story believable, buying baby clothes and sending herself text messages from a second phone, pretending to be the kidnapping nanny. Maegan Chen had a miscarriage when she was three months pregnant, but pretended to carry the baby to full term so her boyfriend, John Buchness, wouldn’t break up with her. She hid the miscarriage from Buchness because “she felt that the only way to keep him around was to keep the baby alive and away from the father,” detectives wrote in an arrest report. Her plan “….was to stall Buchness (he’d be the Dad) until she could adopt a little boy and pass him off as their son.” before anyone caught on to her scheme.
She is the woman who made up story about her “celebrity” baby.
Porn actress Maegan Chen found out earlier this year that she was pregnant with her baby with her son’s father and she decided to pin her daughter to the celebrity son.
She used a separate cellphone to chat, pretending she was Nathan, etc. Check out her reddit posts on this blog showing she uses different names to respond herself. She is a fraud and has a mental health disorder. This Blog is full of great pictures she doesn’t want you to see and legal documents she doesn’t want you to see.
The original essay by Maegan Chen :
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