The fake story II.

Sue for child support for your son too. I hope their father doesn’t mind? He wants to get money just like you. Keep spamming. Contact mass media. Post “legal documents”. “Paternity tests”. Create fake accounts.”The Vegas Sluts Union” will support you all the way. That may work. 
Why your son’s father doesn’t want to be involved in his daughter’s life as well? You share custody. Didn’t he know?
Is he blind? Are you blind? Then, please, visit your doctor for some eye drops or get a new glasses.
Why does he want to pin his own daughter to another man?
Post your kid’s father portrait. Doesn’t he want to share your glory?
Isn’t it cool to try the celebrity shoes with some shit in it that you put there before?
Feel free.
For your “blind” media-friends…new gallery – “Find Autumn!” or “Guess, Who Is The Father?”
You can tell whatever you like. Anyway that won’t change her DNA. Kisses for your fans!
 They look like twins and have the same father. Where is he?maegan_chen_wrongfather_fuckupfind_autumn_maegan_chen_wrong_father13745226_1837262369838632_490038684_n
Exactly. More blood?